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Leilah Kirsten is a South African movement coach, dancer and performance artist.​ She became passionate about personal development and well-being after suffering a panic attack in a backstage corridor in 2011.

Over the last decade, Leilah has thrown herself into the world of holistic health using movement as her primary tool for helping herself and others discover ways of improving overall well-being. During this time she has noticed that listening to the body in motion often reveals answers to deeper questions we might have about our lives and habitual behaviours.

She believes that a movement practice has the ability to open the body and send it in directions it might not yet have travelled. Therefore not only causing it to adapt and become strong, stable, flexible or mobile where necessary, but also giving us an opportunity to notice where we might be holding ourselves back or revealing to us a capacity we didn’t know we had!

As a practitioner, Leilah is fiercely curious and enjoys a challenge. As a facilitator, she has a knack for “reading a room” and intuitively sensing what is most useful in the moment for a group or individual student.

Leilah continues to evolve as a practitioner and facilitator of movement. She proudly accepts the role of Movement Coach and hopes people come to appreciate, understand and love the all-encompassing landscape of this work.

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Her formal dance studies began during high school (2000).  She undertook her tertiary dance education at The Cape Academy of Performing Arts (2005-2007) where she graduated with a Certificate in Contemporary Dance and Theatre Studies. She then participated in Jazzart Dance Theatre’s Young Adult Training and Job Creation Programme (2009-2011) where she experienced a variety of dance and music training alongside participating in outreach programmes and performances. Together with her dance education, Leilah holds qualifications in Pilates and Personal Training. In recent years she has begun to explore Chinese Martial Arts and alternative movement methods. Click for her artist resume.

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