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I am Leilah Kirsten - a South African dancer and movement coach with an extensive background in Contemporary Dance, personal training and Pilates.


I believe that physical activity can be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience that promotes personal growth, leading to a state of calmness, strength, and connectedness.

I am a Cape Town-born dancer and movement coach, passionate about expressing my human experience through the art of movement and dance. I have worked with renowned South African dance companies, Jazzart Dance Theatre and The Cape Dance Company and became a freelance artist and teacher in 2012.

My journey with dance began in childhood, persuading my hesitant mother to enroll me in classes at the age of eight. My formal dance education started in 2000 when dance became an accepted curriculum subject at my high school. I later pursued my tertiary dance studies at The Cape Academy of Performing Arts, graduating with a Certificate in Contemporary Dance and Theatre Studies in 2007.


I further honed my skills by participating in Jazzart Dance Theatre's Young Adult Training and Job Creation Programme from 2009 to 2011, engaging in African Contemporary Dance, contact improvisation, release technique, music training as well as outreach programmes.

Alongside my dance education, I hold qualifications in Pilates and Personal Training. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of performing in various national and international productions, including collaborations with artists and companies from France and Sweden.

For over a decade, I have explored the world of holistic health, using movement as my primary tool. Throughout my personal journey, I have learned that attentive listening to the body can unveil insights and provide answers to the deeper questions that arise in our lives.

As a practitioner, I am fiercely curious and enjoy a challenge. As a facilitator, I have an innate ability to "read a room" and intuitively sense what is most useful for a group or individual student in the moment.

I continue to evolve and grow as a practitioner and facilitator of movement. I proudly accept the role of Movement Coach, hoping to inspire people to appreciate, understand and love the all-encompassing landscape of this work.​





Release Technique

Contemporary Dance

Pilates & Physical Training

Training and Workshop Facilitation

Event Organization & Co-ordination

Private Movement & Dance Coaching


Ignite curiosity.

Create collaborative spaces.

Inspire a shift in perspective.

Offer space to breathe deeply.

Encourage creative expression.

Use the body as a tool for healing.

Assist people in finding their own answers.

Open doors to a deeper knowledge of self.







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