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REGULAR CLASSES from 3rd May - 28th July 2022

Tuesdays & Thursdays


196 Victoria

196 Victoria Road, Woodstock, Cape Town

Class Content:

For humans who have a background in movement/dance studies and/or those who are curious and committed to developing and challenging their existing movement capacity.


Tuesdays & Thursdays: physical conditioning, technique & phrase-work

Morning Class Rates:

Drop-in: R120

x4 class package: R400

x8 class package: R700


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  • Class packages are valid for the dates stated, no carry-overs or refunds

  • Package/Class transfers to a friend/family member are possible

  • Maximum of x12 students per class

  • Concessions available on request

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"Leilah is an incredibly gifted teacher who shares the practice of movement from her heart. She breathes it, and her passion is contagious. I have improved my strength, opened up to my inner softness and allowed myself to surrender more in my movement practice. These classes leave me feeling empowered and capable."

- Francesca Rose Annenberg

"Leilah's classes are engaging, dynamic and intelligently held. I so appreciate her approach, which is both light-hearted and deeply focused, and I felt supported throughout the series by her attentive and individualised feedback. I am also experiencing deeper integration of strength and fluidity through my body as I apply the approaches and techniques we have been learning to my existing movement practice."

- Yanna Romano

"The journey so far with Leilah has been a highlight of this year, I’ve felt a playful reconnection with myself and have learnt ways of connecting my body and mind through movement that I’m really grateful for. I feel acknowledged and held in Leilah’s classes in a light and explorative way, and like how she allows that to feel like a collective experience. She curates and creates a safe playground for exploration and it feels an absolute wonder to get to be with other adults all playing about and enjoying ourselves."

- Leila Kidson