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Join Leilah for on-demand movement classes here on the website.

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Morning Classes

In-person classes for those who have a background or curiosity in dance and movement studies.

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Online Group Classes

Develop a healthy relationship with your body with our online physical conditioning classes.

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Evening Classes

In-person movement classes that develop technical skills while you play.

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Workshops & Immersions

Immerse yourself in in-person movement workshops, retreats and events.

Movement Practice

Movement Practice is an offering that encourages you to get curious about how you move your body.

At Movement Practice we encourage you to listen and adapt to what is necessary for your body in the moment rather than ticking off another workout from your to-do list.

Drawing from contemporary dance principles, movement research and alternative training methods, Movement Practice classes and workshops provide students with strong foundations of physical, mental and emotional awareness.

Movement Practice is facilitated by South African movement coach, dancer and performance artist, Leilah Kirsten.


Our Classes

Here on the website you will find classes to rent on-demand

as well as self-paced programs. We also offer in-person classes and workshops.

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Rent a class on demand.

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Join a self-paced program.

Movement Practice GROOVE


Join an in-person class or workshop.



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